Worldbuilding Prompts Part 1: Physical Worldbuilding

2021 Oct 10, 2021

Monday 11 October — Wednesday 13 October

For the first series of prompts during worldbuilding week, we will be focusing on physical worldbuilding! Please feel free to answer any of the questions below! For a more fun activity for this section, we encourage you to share a map of your world or create a part of your world in a simulation game and share it with us!


    1. Where does your MC live? Is it a village, a town, a city, a suburb? Briefly describe the setting. What does your MC think of this place? Do they love it or do they hate it? Do they want to stay there for the rest of their life or do they want to get out as soon as possible? Why?
    2. Are there many different physical landscapes within your world? What are they? Describe them briefly. Does your MC interact with them throughout the story? How? Are there any that the MC isn’t used to and is challenged by? Are there any the MC thrives in?
    3. What are the weather and climate like in your world? Do they differ from location to location? How? Is the climate stable or volatile? How common are natural disasters? How, if at all, has society taken steps to mitigate them?
    4. What are important locations that your characters visit throughout the story? Briefly describe some of them. What sets them apart from the rest of your world? What do your characters think of them? How do your characters interact with them?
    5. Do any fantasy creatures exist in your world? Tell us about some of them! How did they come to exist? Where in your world do they live? How have they adapted to that environment in order to survive? Do they interact with the people in your world? How? Is it common to have domesticated animals in your world? Why or why not? How has your world’s history influenced this in the present?
    6. How dependent is your world on technology? How high-level is that technology? Does everyone in your world have access to it or is it just a select few? How is it determined who gets access to it? What happens to the people who don’t have access to it? How does the general public view technology? Is technological advancement something that’s emphasized in your world? What effect has past technological advancement had on your world?
    7. What are the main modes of transportation in your world? Do a lot of people have cars? Are horses or carriages more common? Do most people travel by foot? Why? How much will an average person generally travel over the course of their life?
    8. What natural resources are common in your world? How do people in your world help cultivate those resources? Do common natural resources differ for different countries and regions? How so? How does this play into different cultures?
    9. Why did you choose to set your story here? How familiar are you with the physical landscape in which your characters live?


    1. Fantasy locations name generators: Nerd Burglars / Name Generator Biz / Fantasy Name Generators
    2. Share a map of your world with us! (If you’re a member of AWiP, check out the document in the prompts channel for a useful guide!)
    3. Make a quiz about your world! If we were characters in your world, which setting would we live in?
    4. If you have a simulation game like Minecraft or The Sims, make part of your world in it! This could be something as simple as a room, a house, or something more complex like a town or a geographical landscape.

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