Aug 13, 2021

Greetings, fellow literary lunatics and story sommeliers. The timeless void between July Camp and Preptober has arrived, and I'm here to offer a chance for some brief absurdity.

How many of y'all played Sentence Story in elementary school? I ask, like this is an actual conversation. For those who haven't, the game is simple. The class sits in a circle and the teacher would say a sentence or phrase that started a story. The student next to them would try to continue the story, and the process would repeat until we were dragged back to our times 12 tables.

The online writing version would be fairly similar, with one key change; each writer can only see the portion of the story written by the person in front of them. I tried this with another writing group that I was in briefly and it was a fun, chaotic mess. The sentence starter for this one will be:

"I'll forgive you when pigs fly," she spat. And you'll never guess what happened two seconds later.

So yeah, this is basically just a fun, casual way we can once again combine our writing styles and ideas to make something as silly (if not more so) than Yawl Yeehaw, pictured above because he was the only photo on my laptop that wasn't a meme or a picrew of one of my characters. If you're interested, read on for structure and guidelines, and then see the form at the bottom to sign up!

Boring stuff:

  1. Each writer will have a week and a half to write as much as they want. A sentence or seven pages, doesn't matter.
  2. Just, like, please be considerate and try to avoid word vomit since what I'll be doing for the three days after you finish is line editing and I sadly have a life. The edits will be via suggesting mode on Google Docs so you can accept/decline each one. For any edits that are left untouched, I'll just assume you didn't have the time to look at them so I'll accept the edits for you. These edits will purely be grammar based; the point of this is so we can have a compilation of a bunch of different styles, so this will just be for readability. If you don't have a gmail account, then you can send me a screenshot of your typed-up writing and we can work out whether you're okay with me doing line edits or not while I type it up so it can go on the website.
  3. Dates work like this; you will get the previous writer's section on a Thursday morning (I mean, morning for me in MDT time. It might be some other time for you). You will then have until the second Sunday afterwards to plan, write, revise, etc as much as their little hearts desire. I will take Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to line edit, with the writer having the ability to go back and accept/reject grammar edits during that time. Then the following Thursday I'll copy the text and send it to the next writer, and the process begins. The reasoning for this timing is that it'll give you two full weekends while (hopefully) not force me to find time to line edit in between school and my job.
  4. Once we've run out of all of the writers (the last writer will know that they're the final writer so they can try to wrap up the story to the best of their extremely limited ability), I'll post the story sections one by one on the website.
  5. Some of you may be worried about having your username attached to a piece of writing on the internet, or you may want to stay anonymous. There will be an option in the sign-up form to put a "code name." This will be how you're referred to on the calendar and on the website.
  6. Speaking of calendars, that's something else to consider! Part of the form will include marking off what weeks you are able to write in, aren't able to write in, and are unsure about. I'll organize the writers to the best of my ability, and if there needs to be a break in between writers (Say for a big exam week), that can be done. I'll also double check on the Sunday before your turn if you're still able to write that week. I just ask that if someone comes up, please let me know through DMs as soon as possible so I can try to work around it! I'll use your responses to create a calendar that will go up in about a week's time. If someone signs up after the calendar goes up, they will be added to the back of the line.
  7. Only current AWiP members can join. If you've somehow stumbled across this post and aren't a member of AWiP, what are you doing. Join the dark side already.
  8. And of course, please follow AWiP guidelines. Just like on the server, no discriminatory behavior is allowed and swearing should be limited. If your piece is possibly triggering, write a trigger warning at the top and I can include it above your post on the website. Of course, there are limits so please try to avoid anything extremely violent or obscene. To be safe, think of the PG-13 movie rating as a guideline.

So :eyes: ya interested? If so, see the form below! And if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

If you’re here, you know why you’re here.


the f in my name stands for funny

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