Teletale: Coming to Theaters Soon

2022 Jan 17, 2022

Hello everyone! For those of you who don't remember, 5 months ago (in August—straight up forgot that month existed) I started Teletale, which is literally just a combination of the games Telephone and Sentence Story, but in writing. Each person only saw the section that the person before them wrote and then took the story wherever they wanted. Only the first person had a prompt (“I’ll forgive you when pigs fly,” she spat. And you’ll never guess what happened two seconds later.) so other than that, it's been entirely about the story that these six put together. It's been a wild ride seeing this communal story slowly progress over the months. I have nothing but gratitude for everyone who participated and put their time and creative energy into this hare-brained activity. And now, I am proud to announce the world premier of Teletale: When Pigs Fly.

Tuesday, 18th of January: Part I, Colin

Wednesday, 19th of January: Part II, Lanie

Thursday, 20th of January: Part III, Pooja

Friday, 21st of January: Part IV, Lemoi

Saturday, 22nd of January: Part V, Frace

Sunday, 23rd of January: Part VI, Sani



the f in my name stands for funny

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