Tele-Time to Write

Aug 20, 2021

Alrightie, here we are, one week later; based on the answers to the survey I have set up a calendar for folks interested in the Teletale! To make my scheduling process fully transparent, I gave timing priority to those who marked off the least times available as a for sure would work since that made it a lot easier to move pieces around. Remember, if you become interested in joining in the following weeks you are still welcome! Just DM me and I'll add you to the back of the line. And if you did sign up but something schedule wise comes up complicating things, you are also free to DM.

Colin's up first with the sentence starter "I'll forgive you when pigs fly," she spat. And you'll never guess what happened two seconds later." I'll send their finished text to Lanie next, and after he finishes only his text will go to Island Chocolate, and so on. I'll be coordinating all of this through emails, so all participants need to do is email me their google docs! I will send folks my email when I do the check in if they're still available a few days before. If you need anymore clarification, the previous post has all of the guidelines.

The full calendar is:

Colin: August 19th—Sept 1rst

Lanie: September 2nd—September 15th

Island Chocolate: September 16th—September 29th

Lemoi: September 30th—October 13th

Frace: October 14th—October 27th

Grace: October 28th—November 10th

NaNo Fully Consumes Our Souls and Spirits: November 11th—November 24th

Lis: November 25th—December 8th

Sani: December 9th—December 30th


the f in my name stands for funny

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