Miscellaneous Prompts: The Final Countdown

Prep Months Oct 28, 2021

Wednesday 27 October — Sunday 31 October

For these last few days before NaNoWriMo, we are going to focus on other elements of storytelling that don’t directly fall under characters, worldbuilding, or plot. Also, feel free to answer any of the past prompts! Thank you for participating in our prep month activities, and happy writing!


    1. What are some tropes that you plan to include in your story? Why did you choose them?
    2. What are some themes you plan to include in your story? Why did you choose them?
    3. Are there any symbols that you plan to incorporate throughout the story? What do they represent?
    4. What inspired you to write this story? What drives you to write this story in particular, as opposed to any other?
    5. What are you most excited for about your story?
    6. How prepared are you for NaNo? What’s your plan for the month? What do you think will be the hardest thing about this NaNo? Do you have a battle strategy for addressing it?
    7. Does your WiP have a theme song? Why did you choose that song? Do you have a WiP playlist? Share a link with us in the written responses channel or on Twitter!


    1. Give us a summary of your story! If you're a member of AWiP, be sure to check out Raven's Synopsis Formula on the document for some extra help.
    2. Pick out themes and a title! For help, see Trini's workshop linked in the document on Discord.
    3. Create a comic sans presentation for your project! If you’re a member, we have some examples listed on the document from some other members!
    4. Design a Netflix show display for your project! Here's a template from Nick LaFave to get started with. (To add it to Google Sheets, click the download button and make a copy. This will not save it to your computer.)
    5. Come up with some AU idea for your characters! You can write out and share a snippet of an AU, or you can just brainstorm a concept and share those thoughts. Any and all AU related things are welcome!

Want to join AWiP for more details and resources?


A Work In Progress

A Work in Progress is a Discord group made to encourage young adult writers (18-24).

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