Plot Prompts Part 3: The End

2021 Oct 26, 2021

Sunday 24 October — Tuesday 26 October

For the third and final series of prompts during plot week, we will be focusing on (surprise!) the end of your story! For a more fun activity this week, make a quiz with all of the plot decisions your character has to make and let AWiP see how well we’ll fare in your main character’s shoes!


    1. What do you currently have planned for your climax? What are the scenes leading up to it? What happens in the climax itself? Does your main character achieve their goal? Why or why not? How does this affect them? If they don’t achieve their goal, are there any steps that they plan to take in order to remedy that? Does the reader get to see those steps?
    2. Is your ending satisfying? Why or why not? What questions are still unanswered by the time your story ends? Do you plan on answering those questions in a sequel?
    3. Do you plan to foreshadow any of the third act? How?
    4. At what point in the planning/writing process do you usually know how your project will end? Does that ever change?
    5. What cast of characters does the story end with? Even if you don’t plan to kill off any characters, are there any that are no longer in the story? What about some that get introduced later on? How does the group dynamic shift as a result of these changes?
    6. What secrets are your characters keeping? Are these revealed by the end of the story? What consequences, if any, do those secrets have? What effect do they have on the plot?
    7. Even if you’re not planning a sequel, where do you imagine your characters being after the ending of the story?
    8. Is there any message that you’re trying to send with the way your story ends? Why do you choose the ending that you do?


    1. Put AWiP into your main character’s shoes! Make a would you rather quiz with all of the important plot decisions that your character makes over the course of the story and let us know how well we would fare in your world!

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