Plot Prompts Part 2: The Middle

2021 Oct 24, 2021

Thursday 21 October — Saturday 23 October

For the second series of prompts during plot week, we will be focusing on the middle of your story! If you're a member of AWiP, be sure to reach out in the plot channel if you need any help! Also, for a more fun activity during this section, share with us a snippet of a news article about something that happens in your story!


    1. The midpoint is usually the largest twist of the story, and your characters’ goals or mission is often redirected. It’s often the point where there’s no looking back. What is your midpoint like?
    2. What is your story’s darkest moment? This is the part where your characters are at rock-bottom and feel the most helpless. What events lead up to the darkest moment? How, if at all, do the characters manage to get out of that point?
    3. Do your characters ever get a break to relax or have fun? If so, what do they do?
    4. What side plots do you have? How are they developed? How do they relate to your main plot and other side plots?
    5. The middle of the story is usually where the characters’ plans fall through and everything goes wrong. So, what are some things that go wrong in your story? How do your characters try to get back on track?
    6. Are any important characters introduced during the second act? Who are they? What impact do they have on the plot?
    7. Are there any important scenes that happen in the background of the story or off-page? What is important for the reader to know about these scenes? How do they influence the plot? Is there a reason why you plan to make them off-page?
    8. What new conflicts arise during the middle? Are they related to the starting conflict, or are they completely unexpected?


    1. Write a news article or snippet from the perspective of a journalist in your world.

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