Plot Prompts Part 1: The Beginning

2021 Oct 22, 2021

Monday 18 October — Wednesday 20 October

This one is a little late, but we're back with some more Preptober prompts! For the first series of prompts during plot week, we will be focusing on the beginning of your story. If you're a part of AWiP, be sure to check out the document for access to plot workshops from our members!


    1. Is there anything that happens to your characters before the story that comes into play at some point throughout the story?
    2. What is the jumping off point for your story? Do you have any ideas in mind for an opening scene? What do you want to try to get across with the opening scene?
    3. What is your inciting incident? How do the events of your inciding incident serve as the catalyst for the plot?
    4. What does crossing the threshold look like for your character? Is there a physical threshold, such as dimensions, realms, worlds, etc.? Does your character deny the call to action at first, or are they excited for it? If they’re nervous, why? What changes their feelings and convinces them to go on the journey? Do their feelings about this decision change after it's made?
    5. Is what your character thinks is the main problem actually the main problem? If yes, is their approach to tackling it a smart/effective one? If not, what is the main problem? How does the character not knowing what the main problem is affect the plot?
    6. What are your main character’s goals at the beginning of the story? How do they drive the plot forward?
    7. What cast of characters do you start with?
    8. What is your plotting process like? Does it differ based on the type of project you’re writing?
    9. How would you respond to your inciting incident if you were the main character? How do you think this would affect the plot?

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