March 2022 Prep: Week 4 Prompts

Prep Months Mar 21, 2022

Tuesday, March 22 — Monday, March 31

Hellooo everyone! It's the last week of March! To end off the month, this week focuses on the ending and your feelings about your project. If any of you are just now jumping in for some last minute prep, feel free to go back to any of the previous weeks for some ideas! This is the last from us for this event, but we'll see you in April for another Camp NaNoWriMo event. Until then, happy prepping!

    1. Tuesday, March 22: Is your character a reliable narrator? Why or why not? How does this impact the story? Does this change at all as your character develops? If you have more than one narrator, how do they see things differently? Does this change? Do their points of view become more or less similar throughout? Why?
    2. Wednesday, March 23: What is your main character's biggest fear and/or fatal flaw? Do they ever come into play during your WIP? How does your character deal with them? Do they manage to overcome them? What about your character’s strengths? How do those play a role in the plot/outcome of the story?
    3. Thursday, March 24: What is or what do you think will be your favorite character dynamic to write?
    4. Friday, March 25: What inspired your WIP? This could be anything, such as another book, a desire to explore certain themes or include certain elements, a dream, an event that happened to you, spite, etc.
    5. Saturday, March 26: What is your story’s darkest moment? This is the part where your characters are at rock-bottom and feel the most helpless. What events lead up to the darkest moment? How, if at all, do the characters manage to get out of that point? Is there anyone that helps them, and how long does it take?
    6. Sunday, March 27: What does your climax look like? What is your character’s goal going into the climax? Do they manage to accomplish it? Why or why not? How does this affect them? How does this affect other characters? What is the pace of your climax like? What about the atmosphere? Is your climax more like an epic battle, a silent confrontation, or somewhere in between?
    7. Monday, March 28: What does your ending look like? How has the main character changed from the start of the story? What have they lost/gained? How does that affect them? How does this ending affect other characters? If you’re planning for a sequel, what are some plot threads you can pick up in the next book?
    8. Tuesday, March 29: Are there any similarities between your protagonist and your antagonist? Are these similarities something they’re aware of? How does this affect their relationship to each other over the course of the story?
    9. Wednesday, March 30: What are some traits that you share with your main character? Do you think you would get along with them at the beginning of the story? What about the end?
    10. Thursday, March 31: To finish out the month, let us know your favorite thing(s) about your project. This can be a character, setting, plot line, trope, etc!

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