March 2022 Prep: Week 2 Prompts

Prep Months Mar 9, 2022

Tuesday, March 8 — Monday, March 14

Hello everyone! It's the second week of March, so here's the next section of prompts for this month!

    1. Tuesday, March 8: Does your story have a villain/antagonist? What are they like? How do they interact with the main character, if at all? How do they interact with other characters? What is your antagonist’s goal, and does this clash with the main character’s goal? How does the antagonist’s goal change over the course of the story?
    2. Wednesday, March 9: Do any of your characters follow a religion that interacts with your WIP? If you have a fantasy world, did you create a religion of your own? Is it the only religion in your WIP or are there more? If your character doesn’t follow a religion, how do they view it? How does the average person in your world view it? Whether or not there is religion, are there any major customs, holidays, or traditions? What is religion’s impact on society?
    3. Thursday, March 10: Does your world have any magic? How does it show up in the story? What are your main character’s feelings on it? How does magic interact with other aspects of your world? If your world doesn’t have magic, how do you think your main character(s) would react if they had access to magical powers? What would they use these powers for?
    4. Friday, March 11: What are the family relationships/dynamics like in your story? Does your character have a small or large family? Who are the members of that family—does your character recognize their biological family? Do they have a found family? How does your main character interact with their family throughout the story? Are they a big part of the plot? If so, how?
    5. Saturday, March 12: How dependent is your world on technology? How high-level is that technology? Does everyone in your world have access to it or just a select few? How is it determined who gets access to it? What happens to the people who don’t have access to it? How does the general public view technology? What effect has past technological advancement had on your world? If your book takes place in the real world, what role does technology play in your characters’ relationships, interactions, conflicts, and the story overall?
    6. Sunday, March 13: What are the friendship dynamics in your story like? Does your main character have a lot of friends or are they a loner? What are their interactions with their friends like? How did they become friends with these people? How do these friendships affect the plot?
    7. Monday, March 14: What is your story’s currency like? Is it physical, like dollars or coins, or do they rely on a barter system? Does your world have a class system? If so, what does the average day look like for different members of each class? Who owns the means of production (e.g., the government, corporations, specific individuals/groups, etc.)? How has this class system looked historically? Does this economic system change throughout the story? Where do your own characters stand in the social hierarchy of this world? Does this change at all throughout the story? How do your characters feel about their place?

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