March 2022 Prep: Week 1 Prompts

Prep Months Mar 2, 2022

Tuesday, March 1 — Monday, March 7

Hello everyone! It's officially time for our March Prep Month, so here are the prompts for the this week. Over these next few days, we're focusing on introducing characters, the setting, and the beginning of the plot!

    1. Tuesday, March 1: Tell us about your main character(s). What’s their personality like? What do they look like? What are the most important things to them? Feel free to include any other details you think are important. If you have multiple main characters, try to think up some answers for all of them.
    2. Wednesday, March 2: What is your setting? Where do the main parts of your story take place? When in time is your story set? What does the setting look like? What are the climate and weather patterns like? What are the seasons like, if any exist at all? What do the people who live there act like?
    3. Thursday, March 3: What is your main character’s relationship to your setting? Do they have a history with the main place your story is set? Do they love it or do they hate it? Do they want to stay there for the rest of their life or do they want to get out as soon as possible? Why?
    4. Friday, March 4: Are there any important events that take place before your story begins? What are they? Do any of the characters know about these events? Or do only some know about these events? Why or why not? These events can be anything from thousands of years ago up to when the story begins.
    5. Saturday, March 5: What is your inciting incident? How do the events of your inciting incident serve as the catalyst for the plot? How does your main character feel going into the inciting incident and how do they feel afterwards?
    6. Sunday, March 6: Today is all about side characters. Do you have any favorites? What are they like? How do they interact with the main character? What role do they play in your story? Do you have any character arcs in mind for them?
    7. Monday, March 7: What is the political system like in your world? Is it a democracy? A monarchy? An oligarchy? How does the public feel about the leader? How involved is the general public in the political process? How do the people get information from their government, if at all? How does the government make decisions? If your story takes place in the real world, is the government structure the same?

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