January 2021 Event Wrap Up

Events Feb 4, 2021

This January, we hosted an open-ended event for different stages of the writing process: Planners, Drafters, and Editors. Similar to a Camp NaNo, everyone could make their own goals and keep track of them on team spreadsheets. Here are some stats from this month:

           • Participants: 55 (23 Planners, 22 Drafters, 10 Editors)
           • Number of Words Written: 186,304
           • Number of Hours Written: 150.73
           • Number of Chapters Written: 25
           • Number of Pages Written:  112.25
           • Number of Responses to Daily Questions: ~330
           • Number of Aesthetics: 22
           • Number of Workshops Hosted by Messes: 10 (!!)

We hope that this last minute event was helpful in motivating at least some of you to work on your projects! Thank you all for joining us, and we'll see you again for another prep month in March.

Happy writing!


A Work In Progress

A Work in Progress is a Discord group made to encourage young adult writers (18-24).

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