Blog Posts from Messes: Guidelines and Tips

Hello! If you're here, you were probably invited to be a part of the AWiP Website! We're really happy to have you here, but we have some housekeeping to get through first. Here are some guidelines to posting. If you have a question and it's not answered by these guidelines, check the Website FAQ or reach out to us. Thank you!


  1. All guidelines on AWiP apply to the website. Any post that breaks these guidelines will not be published. In extreme cases, the contributor of the post may be removed from both the website and AWiP servers.
  2. Please make sure all posts include appropriate content warnings. If warnings are not included, the post will not be published until this is resolved. As a general rule, if you’re unsure if something needs a content warning, please contact an admin through DMs or the group chat.
  3. As of right now, the excerpts folder is on view for anyone with a link. Since this website is easily accessible to non-AWiPians, to protect our member's intellectual property, please do not share a link to the excerpts folder. You're welcome to share a link to a document, but don't link your actual excerpts folder. With this said, please know that if you do share a link to a document, this is accessible to everyone, including people you don't know!
  4. Since we want to share many people's content at once, we have a fancy sign up sheet! Pick a day and tell us what post you want published, and we’ll set up the scheduling. If it’s a collaboration post (something we have to set up) or you have any other difficulties, let us know in the comments of your signups. Please be sure to include the FULL title of your post when signing up. Additionally, please don’t sign up for too many days in a row. We want everyone to have the opportunity to post, and it’s not fair to have multiple days in a row! Keep around two days in between sign up times (e.x., don’t sign up for Monday and Wednesday, but Monday and Thursday is generally okay). Finally, do NOT sign up for a post to be published unless it’s done. We will be reviewing posts before scheduling its publishing time, and we won’t schedule it if it’s incomplete.
  5. With a website We're not too sure as of right now how much storage each post will take, but as a general rule, please don't post too many photos. You can definitely use some photos, but just keep it reasonable! If you want to post a lot, also consider embedding something like a Pinterest board (see the Guide to Embedding for more information).
  6. Tying into Guideline 5, please do not upload videos. You can use embeds to sites like YouTube, but uploading videos takes up a ton of storage.
  7. When choosing a cover photo (or any photos!) for your post, please be mindful of copyright. As of right now, please only use photos from Pexels or photos that you have taken yourself. The only exception to this is book covers; if you are writing a review or commentary on a specific book, you may use the book cover in the post. Do not use a book cover for a post that is not related to that book. You can make collages yourself if you're talking about multiple books, but do not use any other images of the book cover (i.e, bookstagram pictures) that are not your own. If it's not your own photo, be sure that the photo also only includes the book cover (like covers on Goodreads). When choosing photos, be sure to also make note of the link to the photo from Pexels so we can double check that it's fair use. Before signing up for your publication time, be sure to add your header photo if you want a specific picture. If there's not a picture header by the time we go to schedule the post, we'll probably add one in ourselves. Keep in mind that once a post is scheduled, you cannot edit it unless we revert it back to a draft!
  8. As this is the official AWiP website, the admins have full discretion on whether or not to publish any post. Also note that these guidelines are not exhaustive, and they’re subject to change! If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact us via DMs or through the group chat.

Tips for Posting

Here are some pages for some extra guidance on posting. Good luck friends!

A Gentle and Heavily Confusing Guide to Embeds
Embedding a Spotify Playlist:To embed a Spotify playlist, you need to get the embed code. First, click thethree dots on your playlist, then under share, select “Copy embed code.” This will give you the iframe code. While drafting your post, click the plussymbol on the left side of the writing a…
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Ghost has a powerful visual editor with familiar formatting options, as well as the ability to seamlessly add dynamic content.
The Ghost Blog
We help you with your subscription commerce & membership business with detailed tutorials, strategies, opinions and interviews with real publishers!
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