Camp NaNo Week 1 Wrap-Up - April 2021

Wrap Up Apr 8, 2021

Hi friends!

Because I don't have the time or the energy to do vlogs for this NaNo, I figured I would do weekly blog posts instead, since they require a lot less work, but I still get the space to ramble nonsensically about my WiP!! (Feel free to click off this at any point btw, this is gonna be a mess!!) Also before I actually get into talking about writing, I wanted to say that I finally got the chance to catch up on AWiP vlogs today and they were all so good!! Top-tier content only!!

OKAY, time to actually talk about writing. Because I'm revising this camp, I decided to set a time goal as opposed to a word goal and I'm going for 30 hours spent on revisions total. I'm currently 785 minutes into that goal, which is around 13 hours according to my calculator, so I'm a little ahead of schedule, but the first five days of April were spring break for me so I was able to get a lot done! When you look at my daily word minute count tracker, you can really tell when spring break ended for me lmao.

Anyways, I spent the majority of the first four days just reading through my rough draft and taking notes on it for revisions and throughout this process I discovered that I actually?? do not hate my book?? I know, I know, a very bold claim to make, especially seeing as it's a mess at the moment, but I love the idea of what it could be and I'm very excited to (attempt to) get it to that point!! I know this excitement is probably gonna fade away when I actually have to implement all of the revisions I wrote notes on, but for now I'm gonna savor it and talk about how much I love my book because this does not happen very often.

The project I'm working on this month is Earth Girl, which I don't think I've actually talked that much about?? I feel like I talk about Chip a lot more just because it's a way more recent one, but Earth Girl was like,,, my first finished draft of a book thing. I finished it during last year's April Camp and then I didn't come back to it for a year as I worked on other projects, but now I'm diving into the edits for it! It's essentially a Rapunzel retelling?? Except it's sapphic and there's nature magic and a girl gang. And there are some other things too that are not at all like Rapunzel, so maybe it would be more accurate to say that it's a Rapunzel-inspired story thing?? It follows Aerde, who has been confined to a tower for 7 years by her parents and who would really like to go to the Kupala, the greatest nature festival in the kingdom. But when the opportunity presents itself in four girls breaking into Aerde's tower, she finds it a lot harder than she expects to say yes.

Upon reading through 85 thousand words of,,, mess, mostly, I realized that I had really not done enough planning before drafting for this story to be even remotely coherent!! The magic system was not developed at all, which actually felt true for other aspects of the world as well. Also the plot was incredibly repetitive because when I was plotting this book I had not yet discovered the magic of the beat sheet and the scene list. So, after completing my read through, I did a complete re-outline of the book and now act 2 is mostly unrecognizable (aside from my midpoint which I am!! in love with!!), but it makes a lot more sense than it did before which I am very pleased with!!

And after I had rectified my problems with plot, I decided that I needed to do something about my worldbuilding or, rather, the complete lack of it. I am very grateful that I attended worldbuilding workshops during January that helped me hone out this world so I didn't have to start completely from scratch!! A lot of my geographical layout and also the political aspects of my world were pretty well-developed!! So I tackled the magic system because when I planned this book I was a fool who apparently did not write down anywhere on my planning docs any details about the magic system. But!! I have now completed a magic worldbuilding workshop and my magic system feels like it actually makes sense now!! Idk how I managed that, please clap lmaoo.

Anyways after finishing all of the worldbuilding questionnaires/workshops, I realized that the next step in the worldbuilding process would be to give names to all of the concepts I came up with, which I actually think is the worst part of worldbuilding. So I have graciously decided to leave that plight to second week Enne. You're welcome future self <33

Anyways, in conclusion, this week went well!! I'm actually very pleased with how far I've gotten in terms of the goals that I had set out for myself before April. Originally, I was assuming I would get just the readthrough done, but I am now very ahead of that goal!! Very excited to get started on actual revisions because I've never actually revised an entire book before and I know that this one desperately needs it. And I'm already in love with what I have of the second version.

This was entirely too long and way ramblier than I intended it to be, but I hope you enjoyed it?? I will probably be back next week with a similar format unless I am consumed by school, in which case, I apologize in advance </3


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