Characters Prompts Part 3: Relationships & Interactions

2021 Oct 6, 2021

Thursday 7 October — Sunday 10 October

The third and final series of prompts for the characters section of the month will be focused on character relationships and interactions! Once again, we’ve come up with some prompts that you can respond to however you would like whenever you would like. For a fun activity for this section, we would love to see some social media interactions that you can imagine your characters having! Listed below with the questions are some fun websites to get you started.


    1. Tell us about your character(s)’(s) family dynamics. How has it changed over time? Do they hate each other, love each other, or both? Is your character’s relationship with their family typical for other families in your world? What does this reveal about your world?
    2. Who does your MC trust/depend on most? Why? Does this person change throughout the story?
    3. What is or what do you think will be your favorite character dynamic to write?
    4. Do you have a love interest in your story? What is their relationship with your main character like at the beginning of the story? What about the end? How does it change throughout?
    5. What is your main character’s relationship with the antagonist? How does this change? Are there any points at which your main character agrees with the antagonist or collaborates with them? How does this affect the conflict between them?
    6. Are there any similarities between your protagonist and your antagonist? Are these similarities something they’re aware of? How does this affect their relationship to each other over the course of the story?
    7. Who does your main character hate aside from the antagonist? Does this change at all? What is the history behind this hatred?
    8. Does your main character have friends? How did they meet or become friends? Why are they friends? Have they had any major fallings-out? How do these friendships change over the course of the story? What importance do they hold to your plot?
    9. How do other people in the story view your main character? How does your MC respond to those opinions? How, if at all, does other people’s view of your MC change over the course of the story?


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