Characters Prompts Part 2: Character Arcs & Development

2021 Oct 3, 2021

Monday 4 October — Wednesday 6 October

Congratulations on making it four days into prep month! It’s time for the second series of prompts in the characters section, which is all about character arcs and development!


    1. Is your character a reliable narrator? Why or why not? How does this impact the story? Does this change at all as your character develops?
    2. If you have more than one narrator, how do they see things differently? does this change? do their points of view become more or less similar throughout? Why?
    3. What are your characters’ core beliefs and values? How do they change throughout the story?
    4. What are your characters’ main goals? Do these change throughout the story?
    5. Do your characters undergo any physical changes?
    6. Tell us about some of your side characters’ beliefs, values, and goals! How do they change throughout the story?
    7. What are your side characters’ opinions on the conflict between your main character and your antagonist? Do their opinions change throughout the story?
    8. Would you get along with your main character at the beginning of the story? What about the end? How do you think knowing you would affect your main character?


    1. Which characters from your book would AWiP members be? Make a quiz to help us find out! (If you're a member of AWiP looking for some examples from other members, check out the Google Doc posted in the October Prompts channel.)
    2. Write an "Am I The Asshole?" post from the point of view of your main character.

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