Characters Prompts Part 1: Basic Info

2021 Oct 2, 2021

Friday 1 October — Sunday 3 October

The focus of the first series of prompts for the characters section is basic character info. Please feel free to answer as many of the questions below as you would like!


    1. Tell us about your main character.
    2. Tell us about your antagonist.
    3. Tell us about your love interest.
    4. Tell us about an undeveloped side character.
    5. Tell us about your favorite side character.
    6. Tell us about some of your side characters. Do they fall under any archetypes? What is their relationship to your MC(s)?
    7. Do any of your characters have pets? Tell us about them!
    8. What does your character want at the beginning of the story? Does this differ at all from what they need? How so?
    9. Is your main character affected by the culture they grew up in? How does it influence their personality?
    10. Which of your characters is most similar to you? Which is most different? Which specific traits do you share with different characters?
    11. What are your character’s zodiac signs? What characteristics align with their personalities, if any?
    12. If your characters lived in a different world, what would they be? For example, if your story takes place in a fantasy world, what would your characters study in college or do as a job? If your story takes place in a contemporary world, what would they do in a fantasy world? If you have created multiple worlds, how would your characters act in a different world of yours?
    13. What would your characters’ theme songs be?
    14. How did you choose your main character’s name? Is there any deeper meaning behind it? Does the meaning of their name accurately reflect their personality?


    1. Take a personality quiz for your character! Here are some websites to get you started: MBTI / Enneagram / Dark Triad
    2. Baby name websites for all your naming needs: Name Berry / Baby Names / Behind the Name / Meaning of Names
    3. Make a wanted poster for your character! This can be a real or fictional crime.
    4. Fill out a character profile for your character! (This is just one that we found online, but there's so many others!)
Character Profile Sheet
Character Profile Basic Statistics: Name: Age: Nationality: Socioeconomic Level as a child: Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Hometown: Current Residence: Occupation: Income: Talents/Skills: Salary: Birth order: Siblings (describe relationship): Spouse (describe relationship): Children (descr...

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