About Us

Welcome to A Work In Progress!


A Work in Progress is a Discord group made to encourage young adult writers (18-24). AWiP was originally founded in March 2018, and we continue to host a minimum of 6 month-long events throughout the year to help our members follow their creative dreams.

What We Do
  • First off, we host some sort of event every NaNo session where we have daily prompts and goals that can earn you points for your team. We‘ve done Elements, Greek Gods, Classic Authors, Character Archetypes, Mythological Creatures, Space, Spooky Monsters, Plants, Ocean Creatures, Goddesses of Discord, Baked Goods, Biomes, and Fairy Tales so far, and a new theme is coming every NaNo month.
  • Before every NaNo month, we host a prep month where we all struggle to find our plots, characters, and worlds. We host workshops and music sprints, and we provide aesthetic and writing prompts to help keep everyone on track for the NaNo season!
  • We have an excerpts folder where you‘re welcome to share your writing. You can ask for critiques or, if you just want someone to tell you how great of a writer you are, we’ve got you. (Please note that you‘re in no way obligated to share your writing or read anyone else’s. This is purely for those who want to.)
  • We‘re pretty much active 24/7 during the NaNo months, and we still have daily activity all year round. We come from all over the world (stretching all over the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia) so no matter your time zone, you‘ll usually find someone online.
  • We believe in encouragement in all forms, from cheering each other on to screaming at each other to get off the internet and get work done already.
  • We‘re a very diverse group, and we do not tolerate negative behavior or rudeness toward our members.
  • We have writers working on fantasy, paranormal, mystery, romance, contemporary, and other stuff we’re probably forgetting. You can write whatever, and we‘ll be excited right along with you!
  • Need help with anything writing related? We’ve got you covered. You can talk out your problems with characters, plot, and worldbuilding in their own special channels. If your question doesn’t fit those categories, just bring it up in the general writing channel.
  • Don‘t want to talk about writing? Fine by us, we have channels for just about anything else. Pop into homework help if your math is giving you a headache, jump to fandoms to discuss your new favorite book, share your artistic talent and cute pets in cutesy-artsy-things, or join us in our gaming channel for some procrastination.

Who Are We?

There are three admins behind AWiP. If you ever need help or just want to talk, we’re almost always available at any time due to varying time zones, so feel free to contact us through Discord or e-mail (awip.discord@gmail.com). Here are our author profiles for a little more information about all of us!

Done Reading?

Be sure to check out some posts from our members, and follow us on Twitter!

Happy Writing!

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